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Simple integrations to quickly & seamlessly connect Uphold/AirTM with your merchant lives.

Invoicing and Mass Payments
E-Commerce Integrations

Why Payzing Works

Uphold/AirTM + Payzing

Payzing makes it easy for any business or merchant to start making and receiving Uphold/AirTM payments.  Sell to anyone in the world.  Or pay them.

Invoicing & Mass Payments

We build the tools for you to manage any incoming and outgoing Uphold/AirTM payments.  Easily make, save and send out invoices or mass payments via email.

Low-cost & Instant Ecommerce.

Add Uphold/AirTM payments to your online store with Payzing. Welcome in a new global consumer market of Uphold/AirTM users.

Add Uphold/AirTM as a payment option by connecting with Payzing with your ecommerce store.

A merchants entire package.
Recieve, make and sync Uphold payments.

The internet is global. Your business can be too. Sell to anyone with Uphold/AirTM. Global sales, mass payments, invoicing and ecommerce.

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